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SunKrist Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Journal (SEMRJ) is an international, peer reviewed, scholarly open access journal that welcomes to publish articles covering Endocrinology which include the endocrine glands, hormonal disorders, pituitary gland, endocrine disorders, pancreatic disorders, thyroid gland, etc. The journal accepts and welcomes you to submit Research, Review, Mini Review, Case Reports, Clinical Images, Clinical Videos, Perspectives, Editorials, Commentary articles. 

SunKrist Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Journal aims to encourage and provide a platform for Endocrinologists, specialists, scientists, doctors, professors, physicians and health care professionals to find and innovate the newly advanced procedures, clinical observations, clinical investigations, new diagnostic and surgical techniques, treatment methods, instrument updates, the latest drug findings, results of clinical trials, research findings, clinical studies, clinical and medical case reports in Endocrinology.

SunKrist Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Journal follows double blind peer review process through editorial management system to maintain quality for all the submitted manuscripts. By maintaining quality we will bring the finest manuscripts for readers, once the article is online readers can access the article immediately without any barriers.

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